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Emergency Aquarium Maintenance Services  

Emergency services are available Monday through Saturday. On Sundays and Holidays.

An emergency is defined as anything that means life or death to the livestock in the aquarium and requires us to make an unscheduled visit with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice.

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About Us

About our aquarium maintenance services

Because we do not operate a retail store, we can offer a greater variety of aquarium maintenance services to our clients. We are never over-booked, understaffed, or too busy to take care of your aquarium when you need us. If you have an emergency, we get to you fast - usually within two to six hours. We have a twenty-four-hour-a-day service. We know that when your aquarium is in trouble, you cannot wait for the fish store to be open.

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We have been in the aquarium maintenance business for over 20 years

Take advantage of our quality of service and dedication to our customers.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality aquarium maintenance services available, through the constant perfection of the art and science of aquarium systems maintenance. We specialize in the maintenance of aquariums for those people who wish to enjoy an aquarium in their home or office without the hassle of having to deal with aquarium maintenance work. Our clients never have to visit an aquarium shop or pet store for supplies. We bring the aquarium store to the customer, delivering anything they need to their door.

We supply all maintenance equipment

Algae pads, gravel washers, and water changing equipment. Some companies make you purchase the tools they need to clean your aquarium. 



Many of our materials and fish come from Robs Aquatics in Tinley Park. Robs Aquatics has some of the finest saltwater fish in the country, great aquariums, and all the equipment you could need.

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Examples of our work


Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance


1080 gallon; 144" (len) X 48" (ht) X 36" (depth)
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300 gallon; 48" (len) X 48" (ht) X 36" (depth)

300 gallon; 60" (len) X 36" (ht) X 32" (depth)

Coral Reef Aquarium Maintenance

tropical fish store chicago
180 gallon; 72" (len) X 24" (ht) X 24" (depth)
180 gallon; 72" (len) X 24" (ht) X 24" (depth)

Nano Cube, 29 gallons

Freshwater aquarium maintenance

freshwater aquarium maintenance
125 gallon; 72" (len) X 18" (ht) X 23" (depth)
saltwater aquarium maintenance
29 gallons
fish tank maintenance
150 gallons 72" (len) X 18" (ht) X 31" (depth)


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Our rate for aquarium maintenance services is billed on site. Monthly maintenance contracts are available. Please call for a quote.